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Lost & Searching for Something Unknown

Ramblings of a lost soul trying to find it's way home.

11 June
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So after digging my way out of a a loverly abusive relationship, I have come tot he realization that I have a lot of fucked up things to work through. Rather than paying massive sums to go to a useless shrink, I thought I'd try this. a couple of my good friends use it, my lil bro uses it, and from what I hear, those that post comments do so rather freely. For those who know me who would rather not hear blunt and open honesty and feelings, I would suggest not reading this. I've got too much running through my mind that I need to sort out, and the only way to do so is to start being honest with myself. So here I am, anything that is said here, take as you will, comment as you want(I will reply with equal honesty), and hopefully, somewhere down the road I will find what I am searching for. If not, then I'll either succeed in doing some major soul searching and/or piss off a whole hell of a lot of people...or maybe make some of my friends closer. Who knows...I sure don't. So here goes.